StarPep software & database

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StarPepDB is a Neo4j graph database resulting from an integration process by which data from antimicrobial peptide-related databases is cleaned, standardized, and merged so that it can be released into an organized collection. In addition to this outcome, this graph database is embedded in the new software application named StarPep toolbox, which allows querying, filtering, visualizing and analyzing the integrated data taking advance of network representation.

Research topic

System requirements

  • Hardware
    • Memory (RAM): 4 GB or above.
    • Processors: We recommend a multi-core processor due to the fact that the software has been implemented to enable parallel processing of computationally intensive tasks.
    • Hard Disk: a minimum of 500 MB of free space is required for the database.
  • Software
    • Java(TM) 8 Runtime Environment on the target system.


LINK File size DownloadS
starPepDB 7.8 MB 64
starPep toolbox – User Guide 5.6 MB 66
starPep toolbox – ZIP distribution 172.4 MB 88
starPep toolbox – Windows installer 99.9 MB 72
starPep toolbox – Linux installer 99.4 MB 79
starPep toolbox – Mac OS X installer 99.4 MB 80



  • Longendri Aguilera-Mendoza, Yovani Marrero-Ponce, J. A. Beltran, Roberto Tellez-
    Ibarra, Hugo A. Guillen-Ramirez, and C. A. Brizuela. Graph-based data integration
    from antimicrobial peptide-related databases: towards an organized collection enabling
    visual network analysis. Submitted paper, 2018.


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