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IMMAN (the acronym for Information theory-based CheMoMetrics ANalysis) is a multi-platform software developed in the Java programming language, designed with a remarkably user-friendly graphical interface for the computation of a collection of information-theoretic functions adapted for rank-based unsupervised and supervised feature selection tasks.

IMMAN offers a remarkably user-friendly graphical interface stratified in sections according to the different information-theoretic concepts. IMMAN is developed in JAVA programming language and thus needs a virtual machine for its execution, and in this case requires a JDK version 1.7 or superior.

A total of 17 feature selection parameters are presented, with the unsupervised and supervised frameworks represented by 10 approaches in case.

The accepted input file formats for IMMAN are Tab and Comma Separated Value Files (.txt, .csv). In the conception of this application, we considered it useful to provide for real-time computations of multiple dataset files, and thus comparisons of features or datasets from different sources are possible.

It is important to remark that IMMAN provides the possibility of performing single parameter ranking or ensemble (multi-criteria) ranking using the former as base ranking methods. Note that the ensemble ranking procedure could be performed using the scores (values for the analyzed features)

Research topic

System requirements

  • Hardware
      • Processor: All processors developed hereafter by Intel Corp. are supported on the assembly level optimization. All AMD current processors work as old Pentium with higher clock frequency (no special optimization).
      • Processor Clock Speed: minimum Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor 1.40GHz or equivalent. Recommended Intel(R) Core2Quad processor 2.5GHz or above.
      • Memory: 256MB minimum, 512MB default tuning. We recommend 4096 MB or above in order to improve performance.
  • Software
      • Operation system: IMMAN is designed to run on any UNIX/LINUX or MAC platforms, as well as on microcomputers running Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 or XP, Vista, 7 and above. IMMAN is platform-independent software.
      • Operation system extensions: IMMAN requires Java(TM) 7 Runtime Environment on the target system. It runs under any host operating system, which supports Java(TM) 7 Runtime Environment and also works on X86 and X64 based architecture.


LINK File size DownloadS
IMMAN - User Manual (335 downloads) 1.0 2 MB
IMMAN (395 downloads) 1.0 6 MB



  1. Why does the software not execute?
    Most probably you do not have the Java Runtime Environment 7 (JRETM) installed on your workstation. IMMAN requires the JRETM on the target system in order to run. Please install it on your workstation before running IMMAN. The JRETM is freely available at
  2. Why do I need to use the Windows Batch File (.bat) or Linux Shell Script (.sh) to run IMMAN?
    By default the maximum limit of heap memory available for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is of 512 megabytes. The .bat and .sh files are used to adjust the program JVM heap memory limit in order to maximize the Random Accessible Memory (RAM) available in present day workstations.
  3. Why am I getting an out of memory error?
    The java virtual machine handles the program’s memory and when an object does not fit in the assigned memory space then the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError exception is thrown.
  4. Can I use IMMAN software for building classification and/or regression models?
    IMMAN is employed exclusively for feature selection. The ensuing low dimensionality matrices may then be used for classification and/or regression tasks.


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